Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Cross Culture Market?

A. Cross Culture Market is a Christian ministry located in Ravena, NY. We buy Fair Trade, hand-made products crafted by more than 20 other ministry or humanitarian organizations around the world. We sell these unique products in our gift shop and online. Cross Culture Market also participates in a number of Fair Trade Markets in New York State’s Capital District region.

Q. What does Cross Culture Market sell?

A. Cross Culture Market sells jewelry, hand bags, scarves, home décor, body care products, holiday decorations, stationery, gourmet food products and other gifts.

Q. Where do the products come from?

A. The products for sale at Cross Culture Market are hand-crafted by artisans working for more than 20 ministry or humanitarian organizations we partner with. These charities have boots on the ground in developing nations and other places around the world where there is human suffering.

The Cross Culture Market team and our partners believe that steady employment and economic opportunities are critical to ending poverty and its many symptoms including hunger, disease and slavery.

Cross Culture Market’s role in the supply chain is to sell these products to end consumers like you. This allows us to purchase more inventory and keep these artisans and the charities they work for in operation.

Q. Who are Cross Culture Market’s partners?

A. A complete list of Cross Culture Market’s partners can be found here.

Q. Do you donate the money you make to your partner ministries and humanitarian organizations?

A. No, Cross Culture Market believes in the power of self-sufficiency so we don’t donate money to our partners. Our goal is to constantly place orders for additional merchandise so the artisans and the charities they work for have stable employment and a steady stream of income.

Q. How long does it take to get an order shipped?

A. Typically, orders ship within 2 business days. If you order on the weekend or during a holiday it may take longer to process your order.

Q. How long until I receive my order?

A. We ship orders first class via the US Postal Service. Orders from the contiguous United States are generally received by our customers within 5 to 7 business days. You will receive an email that tells you when your order has shipped. This email will also provide a tracking number.

If you need to receive your order more quickly, expedited shipping can be arranged. Please contact us for details.

Q. Is Cross Culture Market affiliated with any other charities?

A. Cross Culture Market is a program of Hope Full Life Center Inc., a charity in Ravena, NY. Both Cross Culture Market and Hope Full Life Center were created by Abounding Love Christian Fellowship also located in Ravena.

Q. Who founded Cross Culture Market?

A. Cross Culture Market was founded by Pastor Charles Engelhardt from Abounding Love Christian Fellowship. Pastor Chuck received a mandate from the Lord to develop an international ministry. Read more about how Cross Culture Market was founded. Watch a video on the topic.

Q. Who runs Cross Culture Market?

A. Cross Culture Market is run by a small, devoted group of staff and volunteers. Rebecca Flach, store manager (and Executive Director of Hope Full Life Center), oversees the shop and its online presence. Judi Flach, Rebecca’s aunt, does all the pricing and in-store merchandising. Doreen Seltzer assists with marketing. Others take shifts at the shop, help us find new partners and place orders, take photos for the website and tackle the myriad tasks that come with running a retail business.